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Proxmox Overview

IT managers looking to consolidate their local servers need to take a serious look at Proxmox VE, an integrated solution for building and managing your private cloud. Proxmox hosting has many advantages over other cloud virtualization products, some of which are:

1. Proxmox VE is open source. VMware vSphere and Windows Hyper-V are not.

2. It employs both KVM and LXC technologies. VMware and Windows, do not.

3. Its single-view management GUI is sleek but wide. VMware and Windows require a dedicated management server.

Cloud 24

  • Promox Server
  • 24 Virtual CPUs (2+GHz)
  • 32GB RAM
  • 1TB RAID 1 Storage
  • 1TB Backup
  • Unlimited VMs*
  • $445/mo $355/mo
  • Setup: $99

Going the virtual route

The bad old days of backroom hardware, heat, routers and one computer rack for each server type — e-mail, web and financial apps, etc. — can now be left behind by virtualization. With virtualization software, those energy hogging individual servers can be run on fewer pieces of equipment with virtualization software. Virtualization software also accesses both the interconnectivity of the Cloud.

Migrating to Proxmox VE

Whether you’re using VMware, Microsoft or Citrix, you are restricted to their proprietary platforms. If you’re looking for the ability to manage everything– physical, virtual and cross-platform–and fully adapt cloud computing to your unique business needs, Proxmox VE has more choices, better value and costs less to deploy and use.

The advantages of open source

Using open-source software opens the door to full access to all its functionalities. Proxmox VE uses a Linux-based operating system and is licensed for use by the general public. Users can inspect and contribute to the ongoing improvement of the product in a public forum.

Cloud 32

  • Proxmox Server
  • 32 Virtual CPUs (2+GHz)
  • 64GB RAM
  • 2TB RAID 1 Storage
  • 2TB Backup
  • Unlimited VMs*
  • $580/mo $495/mo
  • Setup: $99

Raising the firewall

The Proxmox VE Firewall application keeps your server infrastructure isolated and protected. You can set up firewall rules for each host within your cluster or define specific rules for each virtual machine and Linux container.

Everything is stored on the master cluster file system, but the firewall runs on each individual node.  The firewall is widely distributed, so it generates a more robust and higher bandwidth than the typical centralized solution.

KVM and LXC — Double technologies in one application

Proxmox VE combines two virtualization technologies under one platform. This provides maximum flexibility to your organization’s professional environment:

  • With KVM your system can run multiple Linux or Windows images with private virtualized hardware, their own network card, hard disk and graphics.
  • With LXC, you can create multiple, secure and isolated Linux containers using a single physical server. Each container operates exactly like a single stand-alone server, which can be rebooted and run independently.

Both technologies are open source. The kernel component for KVM is strictly mainline Linux. LXC has open processes and development artifacts. Again, since both are open source, developers, customers and white-hatted friends of Linux can actively participate in development, testing or just contributing to the discussion. Everyone benefits, and the product improves.

Sleeker GUI and Management

Proxmox VE’s premiere feature is its management tools. Its clean Web-GUI gives an overview and status of all KVM guests and Linux containers. There is no need to install or maintain separate monitoring or complex database tools. Proxmox VE comes with its own cluster file system, which, residing in RAM, replicates system configuration files on every cluster node inside a 30MB database.

Better, more efficient system backup

Finally, Proxmox has an integrated backup tool. It makes snapshots of running LXC and KVM virtual guests. KVM live backup works for all storage types and its new backup format optimizes virtual machine archives quickly and effectively.

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