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A Sacramento Data Center Will Steer Your Business Clear of Costly Security Breaches!

We’ve all heard the phrase “Location! Location! Location!” And although it’s usually is in reference to some brick and mortar, mom and pop shop, it also applies in today’s technical markets as well. Nowadays, the “location” of your data is just as important as the accessibility of your actual tangible products. Where and how you store your client’s data is imperative to your company’s reputation as a safe and secure option. Companies like Ripple Web, a Sacramento data center, is one of the cheapest dedicated server options around, and can help you protect your company and your client’s data from attacks.

The cost of a security breach is much more damaging than just the initial tech side of closing the vulnerable areas. In some cases a breach can lead to innumerable problems such as lawsuits, settlements and PR nightmares that could end your business. The past few years have seen its fair share of costly breaches that have shaken consumer trust to it’s core. So, keeping your company’s name as far away from the negative press will ensure your reputation will go unscathed. Unfortunately, many corporations were hit in 2014, dubbing the past year, “The year of the massive breach.”

Adam Kujawa, head of Malware Intelligence at Malwarebytes Labs, said, “There just was poor security at companies like Target and Home Depot. They simply did not see these kinds of attacks coming.” “The incidents of the last year point out the flaws in our security mindset. We need to take this more seriously,” he added. “We need an entire reboot in terms of our thinking about information security.” –

Everybody from popular restaurant chains P.F. Chang’s and Dairy Queen to big box retailers such as Target and Michaels were hit this past year, showing that even to most protected systems have loopholes that allow hackers to gain access and information. Fortunately, most businesses aren’t as big of a target as Target, but nonetheless, having control over your own private dedicated server reduces the chances of any breaches in your system. Security is one of the most important services that you can offer your customers. Ensuring their return to your business solely depends on the amount of trust they have, be it in your actual product or the system in which it’s sold.

Source (The real cost of a security breach – SC Magazine – August 12, 2008)

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