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Big Businesses Believe the Era of the Private Cloud Server is Here for Good

We’ve all been told by our parents one time or another that “Just because everybody’s doing, doesn’t mean you should too.” And as logical and applicable as that advise seems, we find as adults that it’s not always true. Sometimes the majority gets it right. Sometimes you just have to go with what works the best and sometimes a lot of people or businesses latch on to that idea. Cloud computing is just that idea. The era of cloud computing is here…and it’s staying.

“Why is it here to stay?” you may be asking yourself. Well here one example: SynapDX. SynapDX is a research company that searches hundreds of thousands of genetic markers, looking for clues about autism in 880 children across 20 states. Just a few years ago a task like that would’ve taken a major research company spending over a million dollars on staff and technology to keep up with the emerging data. Now, thanks to cloud computing, SynapDx functions with a staff of 22 and only spends $25,000 a month, allowing the research dollars to go much further. “Without the cloud I’d need $1 million, plus staff, just for the computer,” said Mark DePristo, a vice president for SynapDx.

Aside from small start-ups like SynapDX, larger companies see cloud computing as an intricate part of its maintenance and growth. “The biggest events in the world, the World Cup, the Super Bowl, the big reality shows, all use the cloud” for various online services, said Andy Jassy, the head of Amazon Web Services.

There are a few huge companies that dominate the use of cloud computing like Netflix and Shell. In Shell’s case, they use the system to for seismic research, where as Netflixs’ use is purely dedicated to making their movies stream better. The diversity of companies that benefit from cloud technology shows that no matter what your needs are, its utilization can be an amazing umbrella that covers any and all facets of any industry.

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Source: The Era of Cloud Computing – The New York Times – June 11, 2014

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