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At Ripple Web, we do more that just rent out servers. We work with our customers to provide the infrastructure so that they can focus on running their business. If you need a single server to run your web site, or a more complex configuration to meet your specific needs, we work with our customers to configure the right setup. With Ripple Web, you can take advantage of our expertise in IT infrastructure and you will have the flexibility to update your configuration as you need since you haven’t make the upfront investment in purchasing your own servers.

Below are profiles of some of our customers and what we have setup to meet their needs.

AWS Comparison

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an inexpensive solution for running your IT infrastructure... until you start actually using it. Storage, bandwidth, snapshots, VM creep and sub-optimal sizing are among the top issues contributing to the billing surprises. A number of our customers have found that running their infrastructure on a private cloud is much more cost effective. They are able to allocate resources more effectively, get better performance and know what their ...

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Private Cloud

An IT services company that builds and manages applications/services for their clients needed an affordable solution for hosting. Ripple Web has built a private cloud on hardware dedicated to their use. As their customer base has grown, we've added storage and processing power as needed.

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High Traffic eCommerce Site

An eCommerce site's traffic has grown to where they needed a fast web server to handle the traffic and a blazing fast DB to handle the high expectations of their customers.

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A developer of custom forums wanted to provide a hosting solution to their customers and works with Ripple Web to provide the infrastructure. They build/customize the software to their clients specifications and then provide a "managed" hosting solution.

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Custom Apparel Site

A custom apparel designer needed a solution to handle the demands of their website that allows their customers to design their own apparel and accessories.

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