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Case Studies: AWS Comparison

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an inexpensive solution for running your IT infrastructure... until you start actually using it. Storage, bandwidth, snapshots, VM creep and sub-optimal sizing are among the top issues contributing to the billing surprises. A number of our customers have found that running their infrastructure on a private cloud is much more cost effective. They are able to allocate resources more effectively, get better performance and know what their ...

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Info Articles: VMware vs Proxmox

Hardware virtualization is the process of creating a software-based version of some type of computing resource such as processing, storage or networking. A virtual machine (VM) is a complete platform that includes all of the virtual resources needed for it to behave like a physical computer with an operating system (OS). The software that a VM executes is logically separated from its underlying hardware resources, although these resources may support a virtualized environment to improve its ...

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Info Articles: How We Build Private Clouds

Approach We have been providing IT infrastructure for our customers since 2005 and building private clouds since 2009. We specialize in dedicated setups. Our definition of a private cloud is one that is running on hardware dedicated to a single customer, not a group of VMs running on shared hardware. This allows our customer to maintain complete control over their environment and retain the flexibility to allocate resources as ...

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Info Articles: Backup Strategies: Using Snapshots

A storage snapshot is a set of reference markers for data, similar to a table of contents. It allows an administrator to roll back a computer system's data to a specific point in time, typically to restore a malfunctioning system to an operational state. This capability means a storage snapshot serves as a restore point for the system. A storage snapshot is often known by other terms such "snapshot backup" and "image backup", which implies that it's a type of backup. However, this isn't the ...

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Info Articles: Storage Models for Private Clouds

Implementing a private cloud requires a significant virtualization of the business environment, which will change the ways in which an organization uses computing resources such as storage. A private cloud may use local storage in which the same server is both a processing node and storage node. It may also use shared storage where data is stored in a centralized location that’s accessible by all the processing nodes on the private cloud. Local and shared storage models may both use ...

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Info Articles: VMware vs KVM

A hypervisor is a combination of software, hardware or firmware that creates, executes and manages virtual machines (VMs). The computer that runs a hypervisor is known as its host, while each VM on the host is known as a guest. A hypervisor provides the guests with a virtual operating platform that manages their operating systems (OSs), allowing multiple OSs to share virtualized resources on the same host. The ability to share resources is one of the most significant reasons for a business ...

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Company Updates: Ripple Web and Their 100% Dedicated Cloud Services for the Best Performance

In this today’s modern economy and hectic society, a quality IT infrastructure is much need so that businesses can have the freedom to adapt and growing. It is exactly what Ripple Web believes themselves, as an Internet solution company geared to help businesses of all sizes with reliable and affordable IT infrastructure. Who is Ripple Web? The Ripple Web is a company based in Northern California and is ...

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Company Updates: Discover the Cloud Services offered at Rippleweb

Are you one of those people who are in search for the best provider of cloud services? If your answer is yes, you don’t need to look any further since Ripple Web is the ultimate solution to your problem. We are considered one of the leading provider of cloud service in Northern California. For those business owners who want to stay on top of any industry, having an IT infrastructure that will provide your chosen field of business the freedom to grow and adapt. Our company is recognized as ...

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Info Articles: Proxmox Overview

IT managers looking to consolidate their local servers need to take a serious look at Proxmox VE, an integrated solution for building and managing your private cloud. Proxmox hosting has many advantages over other cloud virtualization products, some of which are: 1. Proxmox VE is open source. VMware ...

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Industry News: Cloud Infrastructure Market Grows by 25.1% in the First Quarter

Businesses of all sizes are investing more of their IT budget in cloud infrastructure (servers, network equipment, storage...) as seen in the 25% year over year growth in the first quarter.  They are buying servers, SAN/NAS devices and networking equipment.  This doesn't include any expenditures on cloud services which is growing even faster. Cloud services providers are making the investment to provide services to their customers.  They are investing in a common infrastructure to be ...

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