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Private cloud servers are transforming the way every business grows

It’s a simple fact: Businesses that adapt will grow. The ability to roll with the technological punches of an ever-changing digital landscape is imperative to the life of a business. Whatever business you’re involved with, the cloud is the correct answer. Here’s an example of three specific companies that are maxing out their utilization of the cloud.

The Hartford, a company that focuses on growing its group benefits its group benefits, mutual funds and property and casualty businesses, is using the cloud to bring technology products to the market faster by reducing costs, improving system availability and providing business continuity capabilities. Anything a business can do to improve its digital reach is well worth the cost.

The educational organization Pearson is utilizing the cloud to transform the way it delivers education. The money they are saving in  infrastructure costs are being used to invest in new, more web-oriented educational products. Its ability to hasten its technological focus allows them to target faster growing markets around the globe.

Lastly, Delhaize America, operator of Food Lion, Hannaford and Bottom Dollar grocery chains is using data and analytics in the cloud to study the impact weather has on specific consumables and when they’re being purchased. Imagine being able to know what to order for stock based on the weather. Not only that, but being able to know how to staff any retail outlets and when to offer specific promotions will greatly increase their bottom line.

Cloud is transforming business models for large enterprises such as The Hartford, Delhaize America and Pearson. With a clear understanding of what is possible — and what is necessary, including a focus on security, transparency and integration — the journey to the cloud in a hybrid world can be a smooth one that drives new innovation and creates greater value for a business.

Using a Sacramento datacenter that specializes in private cloud server systems like Ripple Web is one of the most affordable options in the area. As a Sacramento colocation venue, Ripple Web can handle any needs that your company may need, in order to integrate your systems.


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