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Cloud Service Providers Will Be The Majority Within Six Years

When you’re a business owner your main concerns, especially at first, are to try and keep costs down and efficiency up. Being able to stay up on the latest technologies in your industry could be what keeps you a float during the slower times. Businesses that utilize the cloud are learning that by doing so, they are able to increase productivity more than expected.

In fact, the use of the cloud service providers is allowing businesses to save money in software costs, by renting it rather than buying it outright. As many businesses owners know, software licenses don’t come cheap.

The reliability of cloud services is also unparalleled. Cloud computing enables webmail clients to use cloud storage, making emails accessible from anywhere in the world. All big technology corporations use cloud computing in order to make their email systems more reliable. Alongside email data, you are able to have most or all of your applications run from a different source than your personal laptop or desktop.

Another money saving “side-effect” of cloud computing is the fact that you’re using extra processing power at a lower cost. With most infrastructure as a service cloud provider, you will be able to completely customize it to suit your exact business needs. Using the cloud to harness extra processing power can save you thousands of dollars required as an up-front investment without making any sacrifices when it comes to service quality.

According to a study done by Emergent Research and financial software company Intuit., cloud computing is expected to more than double over the next six years, from 37 percent to 80 percent.

“We’re seeing efficiency gains continue, but we’re also starting to see the emergence of new capabilities,” says Steve King, a partner at Emergent. So what are these new capabilities and which companies are taking advantage of them?

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