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At one time, our customer was an affiliate of Cafe Press and had built a custom website that used Cafe Press’s affiliate APIs. They grew beyond the parameters of the affiliate program and got into the apparel business. They built their own application and hosted it on servers that they colocated with Ripple Web. As they have grown, they needed additional processing power to handle the growing traffic and space to store the millions of custom artwork files that they host.


They started with two of their own servers that they colocated with us. We have added a fast database server to offload some of the processing from their owned servers and moved all of the art files to a centralized storage server to be shared between the web servers.

Web Server (2)
Customer Owned Servers

Database Server
Dual Gulftown
2 SSD Hard Drives RAID1

Storage Server
10TB RAID 10

Our customer continues to use the servers that he has colocated with us as his front-end web servers. We added a fast database server with fast CPUs and fast SSD hard drives RAID 1. We also added a storage server with enterprise grade SATA drives with RAID 10 for the best performance and data protection. In addition to housing all of the art files, the storage servers is also used to store backups of the database and web servers. All of his servers are setup on a private 1Gbps private network.

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