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Dedicated Cloud Server

Our Dedicated Cloud Servers provide you with all of the benefits and flexibility of running a virtualized IT infrastructure without having to worry about sharing resources with all of the other users in the “cloud”, a true private cloud. These servers are configured with the processors, memory, and drive configuration to provide you with the resources and reliability to support your business.

We use Proxmox, an open source virtualization platform, that allows you to manage your private cloud through an easy to use web interface (limited iPhone/Android apps are available). The virtualization technologies behind Proxmox is KVM and LXC allowing you to run any guest operating system you like. Through the web interface, you can create/destroy/start/stop VMs, access the virtual console of each VM, manage backups and report on resource usage.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can build a custom cloud, feel free to contact us. We can configure a private cloud to include multiple processing nodes, HA failover of virtual machines, private (or shared) iSCSI SAN storage for your VMs, firewall security and more.

Small and large companies can utilize the advantages of using a private cloud server for their IT needs. One of the most obvious advantages is that it minimizes costs because your company does not have to invest in hardware and its maintenance, as well as overhead costs for keeping a physical server in your premises. With our dedicated cloud servers, you only pay for what you use on the private server so that you get the most value for your money.

Cloud servers more powerful servers with plenty of resources, providing a generous amount of RAM, processing power, and IOPs for storage. This allows for easier scaling, eliminating the hassles associated with hardware upgrades, resource bursting, and high availability.
Because it exists on a more powerful servers, there is no single point of hardware failure in cloud computing.

Selecting the Right Private Cloud Server

There is a wide variety of cloud service providers, but a good number of these offer cloud service on a public platform, essentially allowing varied users share the same shared hardware. In order to benefit from the advantages of a cloud system while minimizing the risk for system breaches, it is best to employ a provider that offers the use of a private cloud server. Ripple Web focuses on dedicated equipment dedicated to each client. We can also customize our services to fit your business’ requirements.

    Private Cloud Servers

    Private Cloud

    Dedicated Hardware
    Open Source Standard
    KVM and LXC
    Complete Solutions
    Easy to Use


    Enterprise Hard Drives
    Hardware RAID
    Redundant Power Feeds
    100% Network Up-time SLA
    4 Hour Hardware Replacement

    Fast and Redundant Network

    CCIE Designed, Deployed and Maintained
    BGP4 Multi-Homed Network
    Fiber Network to Core Switches
    BGP Mix of Century Link, Cogent, Wave, Comcast


    24x7 Support
    Personalized Support
    Complete Customization
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