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Private Cloud Services

At Ripple Web, we work with you to build a true Private Cloud. That means the resources in your cloud are dedicated to you and not shared by anyone else. Our solutions allow you to build a cloud environment that meets your needs, whether it be a single virtual server, dedicated cloud server or enterprise setup to maximize performance and flexibility.

A private cloud can be as simple as a single server or an entire network of servers and storage. Either way, it is dedicated for your use and you don’t need to worry about competing with anyone for the same resources.

Private Cloud Server

Our Dedicated Cloud Servers provide you with all of the benefits and flexibility of running a virtualized IT infrastructure without having to worry about sharing resources with all of the other users in the “cloud”, a true private cloud. These servers are configured with the processors, memory, and drive configuration to provide you with the resources and reliability to support your business. Management or your private cloud is easy with our open source virtualization platform. The virtualization technologies in use is KVM and Linux Containers allowing you to run any guest operating system you like with full VM control. As your requirements grow, add more cloud servers and seamlessly grow your cloud.

On a Dedicated Cloud server, you have complete control over how the resources are allocated and can run an unlimited number of virtual machines. These Cloud Servers and configured with plenty CPU and RAM for your processing requirements. The internal storage utilizes hardware RAID along with separate storage for backing up your virtual machines to ensure data integrity.

These servers can easily be networked together to create a cluster of private cloud servers to scale as you need to grow your cloud.

Enterprise Cloud

Our Enterprise Cloud configurations separate the processing from the data storage so that each can be optimized for each specific task. Processing nodes will be optimized with plenty of CPU and RAM resources. Storage will be optimized on a private SAN with the disk capacity, performance and reliability to handle the most demanding read/write requirements. Separating these two functions also provides some additional reliability and flexibility. With the storage available to all of the processing nodes, virtual machines can be migrated from one host to another while still running. If for some reason a processing node fails, a virtual machine can be started on another processing node and can be configured for automatic fail-over.

Your infrastructure is a foundation of your business and we at Ripple Web work with our customers to deliver dedicated solutions.

Custom Builds

What are you looking for?

  • Dedicated iSCSI Storage
  • HA Distributed SAN (Ceph)
  • Custom configuration

We can help build a solution to meet your needs.

More details on how we build private clouds for our customers.

Give us a call at 888-749-7067 or email us at sales-at-rippleweb-dot-com to discuss how we can build a solution to meet your requirements.

    Private Cloud Servers

    Private Cloud

    Dedicated Hardware
    Open Source Standard
    KVM and LXC
    Complete Solutions
    Easy to Use


    Enterprise Hard Drives
    Hardware RAID
    Redundant Power Feeds
    100% Network Up-time SLA
    4 Hour Hardware Replacement

    Fast and Redundant Network

    CCIE Designed, Deployed and Maintained
    BGP4 Multi-Homed Network
    Fiber Network to Core Switches
    BGP Mix of Century Link, Cogent, Wave, Comcast


    24x7 Support
    Personalized Support
    Complete Customization
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