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In 2015 cloud service providers will be in 90 percent of the market!

The point of having a business is to grow it. So the main objective for any business owner is find the best tools to utilize in order to make their operation succeed. The knowledge and implementation of new technologies look to be the best way to stay relevant in today’s business climate. The “cloud” is one such technology that continues to revolutionize every industry it touches. The one thing that never changes in business is that productivity is king.

Industry insiders predict that by the end of 2015, more than 90 percent of government organizations and large businesses will be switched over to cloud service providers. Soon, small business will be forced to a dapt in order to function with its counterparts. And why wouldn’t they? Efficiency and savings should be the top priority of any entrepreneur.

Every CEO or COO knows that when managing projects, connectivity is key. The “cloud” allow business owners to mobilize their workforces, which opens the doors to greater options for collaboration from varied computing devices. On top of the increased collaboration options, the cloud is “open for business” 24-hours a day.

Research by Deloitte shows a strong correlation between employee engagement and working collaboratively, as well as flexible working practices. Embracing cloud applications makes it much easier to work together, particularly across different offices or locations.

Flexibility and the ability to fix a problem or get a specific message out faster than a competitor is another advantage of utilizing the cloud-based technology. The ability to take quick action will cause a business to appear more competent and engaged, which in turn will build trust and assurance. That type of marketing can’t be bought, it can only be earned.

Cost wise, cloud-based technologies enable workforces to tap into varied programs, which can quickly manage and validate large amounts of data, all while remaining a fraction of the expense of installed software.

Cloud service providers like Ripple Web, provide Colocation in Sacramento and is considered one of the cheapest dedicated server options around. When it comes time to implement the cloud into your everyday business practices, make sure you look there first.


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